Lower Woodend Fishing

A view of the river

The Lower Woodend beat on the River Dee is situated approximately two miles upstream of Banchory, between the beats of Woodend and Cairnton, 23 miles from the mouth of the river. The beat is half a mile long and is fished from the left bank (North), as you look downstream. This section of the river from Aboyne to Banchory is known as the Middle Dee. Lower Woodend is in a secluded spot, with classic Dee scenery of mature Scots Pine and Silver Birch trees, giving a wonderful feeling of privacy while fishing surrounded in natural beauty. Lower Woodend is a 2 rod beat and follows the 'Dee Conservation Code' as recommended by the Dee District Salmon Fishery Board. Access to the beat is via a private estate road approximately 2 miles long. At the end of the road is a traditional bothy, with wood burning stove for those colder days. Information on the beat and the fishing can be found here. A picnic table and bench are also provided. There are seven named pools along the length of the beat and they are 1 The Hut, 2 The Fence, 3 The Rocks, 4 Three Stanes, 5 Upper Intake, 6 Sandy's Hole and 7 Lower Intake.

The Hut Pool is the obvious starting point just below the top of the beat. In spring conditions fish from the bank otherwise wade out to cover the fast water on the bend at the neck of the pool. In most waters it offers easy wading and it is a classic middle Dee holding pool. Fish it all the way down to below the gauge on the opposite bank. Below the Hut Pool is The Fence which can be fished from the two croys just above the bend. The Rocks Pool stretches below the bend of the river which then flows into the Three Stanes which can be fished from the stones and then the concrete platform. The two distinctive white buildings mark the Upper and Lower Intakes for the nearby Invercannie Reservoir. Sandy's Hole lies between the two intake pools which is a particularly good pool in the spring. The marker sign at the bottom of the Lower Intake Pool signifies the end of the Lower Woodend beat with Cairnton beyond. On the opposite bank is Upper Blackhall.

The middle Dee is a renowned stretch of fly water and one that comes with an excellent reputation. Lower Woodend provides fishing suitable for both the experienced fisher, whilst the beginner has a chance to progress. Fishing is mostly from the bank with the exception of the Hut Pool which offers particularly easy wading.

Contact Details

For bookings or further details on the fishing on the Lower Woodend beat please contact Mr Michael Buchan on
Phone Phone 07734 021726
E-mail: mabuchan@btinternet.com

Alternatively fishing can be booked through the Fishdee website